About TWMI

Who we are

We are a Liverpool based Ministry Transforming lives, influencing visions and empowering people for the kingdom of God


Sunday 11 am – 1 pm
(Communion – Last Sundays after 11 am service)
Friday 6 pm – 8 pm Bible study & prayer
Tuesday 6 pm – 7:30 pm Women Ministry Meeting
Thursday 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Youth Meeting
Midnight Prayer Meeting (Online: Tel 0333 015 4218 Access no. 837483)
Wednesday 23:59 pm – Thursday 1 am
Saturday 23:59 pm – Sunday 1 am

Our number one hope and priority is that through our programs, your relationship and fellowship with God will be made better than before you participated with us.

All ministry flows from prayer and more than “sinners saved by grace”, we aim to fulfill the great commission and steward revival to the next generation. God wants us to saturate this planet with His presence and power. We trust to impact the lives of people through love and power and demonstrate God’s grace by impacting every sphere with His unconditional love and transforming power.
God’s mission is our ministry.

Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18

  1. Make disciples – individual believers envisioned an extension of Jesus Christ, an extension of His very being, and an extension of His mission and method (2 Tim 2:2)
  2. Build churches – a community of believers making Christ known to the world

Our Discipleship

  • Learn from Christ – to be spoken of as imitators of Christ
  • Led by the Holy Spirit in a fruit-bearing relationship
  • Lives continually by the Word of God 
  • Dedicated to fulfilling Christ’s commission

Our Church (The W-O-R-D)

  • Worship (and Prayer)
  • Outreach (Evangelizing the world) 
  • Relationship (Christian Fellowship) 
  • Discipleship (Teaching of doctrine to become Christ’s imitators)
We Nurture Leaders by creating learning-oriented culture, providing members with opportunities, valuing their goals, and encouraging members to stretch.
Under the visionary leadership of Reverends Nick and Ann Asare.

Rev. Nicholas Asare

Rev. Pastor Nicolas Asare a Medical Scientist by profession is the head Pastor at The Word Ministry International – TWMI, a non-denominational, charismatic church of a friendly and caring community, based in Liverpool.

In 2007, he responded to the call into ministry and served as a prayer team leader under the leadership of another pastor. After building a fantastic prayer team and submitting himself to the guidance and authority of the Holy Spirit the prayer team was transformed so that church members “live” prayer not as a theory but as an experience.

In 2016 Rev Nick was appointed head Pastor of TWMI and has since overseen its growth. He believes that the word of God is not only to be preached but it has to be lived, a lifestyle so that the whole world can see that Christianity is not a religion but rather a faith with evident substance.

Rev Nick desires to tell the world about Jesus Christ and after years of serving in ministry, his passion for Christ remains undiminished, his love of the word continues to grow and he continues to empower the next generation so that the name of Jesus will always be glorified.

With simplicity but deep insight characterized demonstration, Rev Nick ministers with a profound Apostolic mandate to set in orderliness ‘certain disorders’ in the church with an emphasis on evangelism, prayer, righteousness, discipline, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He believes that the destinies of families, marriages, and personal lives can be fulfilled for the better by building lives on the foundation of God’s Word.

Rev Nick has been married for over 20 years to Rev Ann and they have 3 beautiful children, Annabel, Phoebe, and Manuela who are following in their footsteps and serving in the ministry.

Rev. Ann Asare

Rev. Ann alongside her husband Rev Nick shepherds a lively and vibrant family church – The Word Ministry International in the UK. A body of people who are on fire for Jesus.

She is the head and founder of the Women Ministry – Women of Grace and Honour, under The Word Ministry International. 
A ministry that she began in 2016 that oversees women saved, healed, delivered, set free, and empowered to walk into their destiny.
Rev Ann loves her work in the Kingdom of God, which also includes preaching, teaching, operating in the gifting of the prophetic, and Youth activities.

Her passion for the body of Christ has always been to see God’s people develop into the fullness of who God has ordained them to be. To teach the truth and fullness of God’s complete Word, promote the standards of Christ, and promote unity in the body of Christ.

Alongside her husband Rev Nick, they share a passion to promote unity and oneness. Together they have a strong passion to see families strengthened and functioning as God intended.
She has been married for over 20 years and is a mother of three.


The cornerstone of The Word Ministry International is word and prayer. Because of that miracles happen and I am one of them. I received a tangible manifestation of God’s healing power through TWMI, and I praise God always. 

Florence Guest – Community Member

Mrs Gloria Adu-Boateng - Member

TWMI is a bible believing charismatic church where lives are being transformed every day. Since joining the church, it has drawn me closer to the Lord and my life has been transformed. I have grown stronger in the Lord through His word and my prayer life has become more effective. I have become more confident in the Lord and grown to depend on His word.

Mrs Gloria Adu-Boateng – Community Member

At TWMI, we believe in the gospel of Christ and we live it in the supernatural. We are conscious of God’s presence which alters the environment when we meet. We are not just a church; we demonstrate God’s grace by impacting every sphere with His unconditional love and transforming power.

Patience Danquah – Community Member

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It is in Giving that We Receive. Our Ministry is all about Giving back to our communities. So we do appreciate your Generosity and Support!

You could volunteer your time, resources, or even donate to spreading the word of God, Especially. to those in most need of upliftment!

Your faith seed and/or gift makes it possible for our Outreach team to Spread the word of God. To share and re-awaken the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And to take the life-saving and miracle-working power of Jesus Christ to the world through broadcasts, crusades, conferences, and mission outreaches.

You are not only welcome to donate resources, but you also are truly encouraged and The Word Ministry International – TWMI welcomes you. We are thankful for your time, knowledge, expertise, and ideas to help the Ministry grow and share the word of Christ freely!

Planned Giving

Following the pandemic, it’s easier to use digital tools to gift or donate to the Ministry. So, your giving can be more effective, convenient, always secure, and pleasurable! As you sow your seed-gift into the fertile and welcome soil of The Word Ministry International – TWMI. 

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