Women of Grace & Honour

We support women and the youth to reach their full potential!

We run weekly meetups for women and monthly for the youth to connect, share, talk, study the bible and/or just be in communion together. We also have our helpline offices that can be approached at any time.

Women of Grace and Honour is a women’s ministry and group founded by Rev Ann Asare. Its aim is to empower women through the word of God. We intend to help women of all races to discover who they are in their community and in Christ. Our focus, as a family, is to guide women to dig deeper into God’s proven principles and liberating purpose as they were created to be.

Meeting times:
2nd and 3rd Tuesday of every month 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Mother’s Day
• March 
• Digital leafleting
• Preaching, praise and worship, presentations, food, and more!

Outreach to visit vulnerable people in the local areas
• Date To Be Confirmed
• Digital leaflets & blog posts uploaded after

Annual Conference – Spiritual awakening
• September – Date TBC
• Video, digital leaflet
• Guest speakers. 

We Find & Fund

We are in search of opportunities to help as many women and youths as we possibly can. We encourage our community to approach and support those who are in need.

We Empower

With the speed of the world today, we Women encourage time to sit with the Word and study the Bible weekly in our Women Ministry. Because Women nurture the world, they ned nurturing too. 

We Provide Care

We offer support to families in need, be it food parcels, grocery shopping, or in whichever way we can help with the resources at hand. 

We Collaborate

We run an annual conference for the Women Ministry and in order to bring a variety of ideas we collaborate with other Organisations that have a similar ethos as The Word Ministry International. 

We Build Each Other up

We encourage, and support each other’s dreams and goals in the Women and Youth Ministry because we know a rising tide lifts all boats. We know that as Humans, we co-create our dreams and to live one.s dream, one must upgrade one’s mindset and the people they hang out with. 

We Strengthen

We strengthen our belief and faith in the risen and living Christ by reading and sharing our views of how to apply the Bible to our daily lives. There is strength in Believing the Word.

What we care for

Your relationship and fellowship with God

Through our programs, fellowship with TWMI community, your relationship, and fellowship with God will be made better than before you joined us

We Nurture Compassionate Leaders

Listening to and sharing the word day in day truly can embed the compassion of Christ in one. And raise in you a passion to serve God and His people.

Mrs Gloria Adu-Boateng - Member

Bringing dreams within reach for Young People

As stated before, our children have grown inside the Ministry and the Word of God, We encourage them to empower other young people and their peers to set their Dreams in the Divine Power of God while believing in their Divine Burtured ability to bring their dreams to life as Co-Creators with God. We support young people in every way we can to believe in their dreams.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Rev. Ann Asare at ha01jus[@]yahoo.co.uk or contact the TWMI team on our website.